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Refund Policy

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Festival Advance Sales Refund Policy

NEFFA is happy to make your advance Festival purchases risk-free.

In summary, we will gladly refund your unused/unclaimed advance purchases, upon a timely request.

Should a refund not be requested, any unclaimed advance sales amounts will be treated as a contribution to NEFFA and applied towards Association membership for the current benefit year.

The Necessary Details

  • Requests. Refund requests should be made by email to advancetix(-=AT=-) or by phone to 617-299-1590, by the following deadlines:
    • for physical goods, no later than 2 days prior to the Festival start (so for the 2019 Festival, the goods refund window closes on 4/10/19 at 7:00pm Eastern).
    • for tickets, no later than 14 days following Festival closing (so for the 2019 Festival, the tickets refund window closes on 4/28/19 at 7:00pm Eastern).
    Please supply sufficient detail to allow us to confirm your purchase and contact details.
  • Disbursement. Refund requests will be processed for disbursement by 1 month following the Festival close date. Refunds shall be made by a check drawn on NEFFA, payable to the initial purchaser or via PayPal refund if possible.
  • Refund Amount. Refund amounts shall be reduced by the actual payment processing fees NEFFA absorbed on the initial sale* and any postage cost to send your refund.
  • Membership Conversion. Should a refund not be requested, the purchaser details and full purchase amount from the advance sale shall be automatically applied towards a NEFFA membership. If the purchaser is already a NEFFA member, the amount shall be treated as an increase to the member's current membership contribution, not an extension of the membership period. Membership benefits and charitable donation receipts will be handled as per NEFFA's standard membership policy.

*Our PayPal fees paid are $0.30 + 2.2% of the ticket price.

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