NEFFA  Festival Advance Sales Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Please send your questions to advancetix(~AT~) and they may be added here.

What is the timing for Advance Sales?
Advance Sales open no later than March 1st of the current Festival year and close on the Tuesday prior to the Festival at 7:00pm Eastern time, so for 2019 this would be 4/9/19 at 7:00pm.
What is the pricing difference for Advance Sales vs. purchasing at the Festival?
All prices are identical. There's no extra charge for the added speed or convenience of an Advance Sale!
Other events offer a discount for advance purchase. Does NEFFA do this?
Check out the refund policy for those other events - in most cases their sales are final and no refund is allowed should your plans change. They usually also charge a "convenience fee" to cover their processing costs, which in many cases exceeds the discount offered.

NEFFA has a different approach. We have a generous Refund Policy and we absorb the processing fees on the original purchase on Advance Sales. We also offer an expedited pick-up at Will-Call as a value add for Advance Sales.
Why would anyone not want to use Advance Sales?
One reason could be if they only conduct business with cash. Otherwise, Advance Sales is great!
Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, but only for Advance Sales and memberships/donations via PayPal on Please note you do not need to have a PayPal account to use a debit or credit card for payment in the U.S. and most other countries. NEFFA sales at the Festival are by cash/check only.
Is it secure/safe?
Yes! We (NEFFA) store no personal information on our server as a part of the Advance Sales process. All personal information is entered at and processed by PayPal, which is known for their robust security.
Do you ship physical tickets/goods?
No. All Advance Sales are handled via pick-up at Will-Call.
Are Advance Sales refundable?
Yes, so long as they are unclaimed/unused and a timely request for refund is made. Please see the Refund Policy for details and timing.
I'm not a member yet, but would like to get member pricing for advance tickets. What should I do?
Follow these instructions.
I can't see the member ticket purchase page without the member discount code. What's the difference between non-member and member pricing?
See the Festival price matrix.
I'm a member but don't have my discount code!
Check these instructions.
Can I buy both Member and Non-Member tickets (and merchandise) in the same order?
Yes you can. Just make your selections from the separate pages (Member Tickets, Non-Member Tickets) before proceeding to check out. Should you forget something, you can always add items later - we will combine all orders under a given PayPal contact name into one package for pick-up.
Why is the PayPal Transaction ID in NEFFA's Advance Sales purchase confirmation email different from the one on my PayPal receipt?
From PayPal's explanation: "A transaction ID refers to a movement of funds. [The seller's] transaction ID represents a credit. The buyer's transaction ID represents a debit. [...] The way that a transaction appears in [the seller's] history is, of necessity, different from the way it will appear in the buyer's account."

As a result, we provide NEFFA's transaction ID for the sale in our confirmation email to you. We ask that you supply our transaction ID when requested for communication with us.
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